Hope for Saunders.

The possibility of a Bernie Saunders and Donald Trump debate could be enough to convince the superdelegates in the Democratic nomination process to side with him rather than their current choice, Hilary Clinton. Currently, the polls do suggest that Saunders is more equipped to face Trump in terms of public support, than his Democratic counterpart Hilary Clinton. As he stated last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show, if superdelegates are looking for the best candidate inline to fight against Trump, all recent analysis points to him. If he is able to effectively ‘win’ the debate and pin Trump as the ‘fraud’ many people believe he is, perhaps this may ignite a spark which has the potential to light into a flame. One thing is for certain, however, as pointed out by Donald Trump on the same show a day before, the Democratic nomination process is rigged. Some superdelegates pledged to Clinton before any other nominees were announced. Is this democracy? Who controls such superdelegates? The elite? Pledge-delegates are the real deal, the people’s vote, and concerning pledge-delegates Saunders isn’t too far behind, winning 46%. Therefore, I believe the race isn’t over for Saunders yet, contrary to what Clinton may believe. After all, if Clinton had honoured her agreement to debate Saunders in California there would not even be the mere suggest of a possible debate with Trump.

However, if such a debate does materialise the outcome can only be bad for Clinton. Whoever effectively ‘wins’, after the debate Hilary will be out of the headlines for days, perhaps even weeks (ignoring the occasional e-mail scandal up-date which may be another way Bernie may secure the Demcratic nomination). However, Saunders must be applauded for his decision not to address and use such ammo against Clinton in this nomination fight. Unlike Trump, Saunders has not attempted to attack Hilary on her personal life including the multiple accusations of sexual harassment obtained by her husband, Bill Clinton. Instead, from the start of the race Bernie has always insisted this general election should be fought on policies and substance rather than personalities.

Although, this may work to Trump’s favour. Most of the negatives concerning Trump’s businesses, his private life and his lack of political awareness have all been highlighted by the many Republican nomination contenders; therefore, such faults are effectively odd news. And despite such faults the support for Trump is stronger than ever. However, all these personal attacks on Clinton are fresh in the election process. Trump has knew ammo against Clinton, whereas Clinton is only able to repeat previous highlights from the numerous negative adds Jeb Bush and other Republican nominee hopefuls have used in the past. The extent to which this will effect the outcome of the election is hard to tell; however, I believe overall Trump has the upper hand.


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