‘Agent of Change or The Status Quo?’

The riots today in San Diego are not the first and will certainty not be the last violent protests against Trump. If such riots are only due to the words and policies he has promised, imagine the violence which will almost certainty occur if Trump becomes the President of the United States and hence has the ability to enforce such radical policies. How can a man hated by so many people become President of the United States of America? Trump is the DEFINITION of the cliche associated with marmite, ‘you either love him or hate him’. The rudeness, the offensive language, the ‘saying it as it is’ attitude has bought Trump the Republican nomination; however, I do not believe it will be enough to bring him the White House. He lacks diplomacy and the simple fact is, as a poll on Bloomberg Politics suggests, only a small minority of people would wish for Trump to visit their home. He is arrogant, self-centred and rude, all negative qualities which should not be associated with a future President. He is not a role model.

However, neither is Hilary Clinton. Although, Clinton is the lesser of two evils, this much is clear. I believe for Clinton to gather enough votes to secure her place in the White House she needs to win the Democratic nomination as soon as possible and begin party unification. The Democrat party is known for having the support of young voters; however, Hilary simply isn’t. Her counterpart, Bernie Saunders, on the other hand, is. Therefore, Clinton must appeal to his following as well as her own. This can be accomplished by welcoming some of Saunders ideologies and ideas into the future of American politics. Furthermore, currently, unlike Trump and Saunders, who repeated claim they are leading ‘movements’ against the status quo, Clinton lacks identity. Apart from being the first potential female President of the United States (which is, nonetheless, giving her nowhere near the amount of support from women as she should have) she lacks a brand, a unique selling point. Her policy proposals are bland, uninventive and the same old news for American voters. Trump has already proven that American voters prefer a different (though it may seem a little offensive and rude) approach to the election campaign, than the same political correctness which is present in most, if not all politicians. Trump has done excellently in terms of distancing himself from the typical White House politician. This was seen perviously in the week when he picked a fight with Susana Martinez (the current Governor of New Mexico) purely because she was uncertain on her standpoint concerning her parties Presidential nominee. However, arguing with typical White House politicians is a part of Trump’s Brand, it is a part of Trump being Trump. What makes Clinton different from all other politicians? What makes Hilary Clinton… Hilary Clinton?


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