A Cry for Change.

After months of speculation and uncertainty, a source has recently informed me that ‘the Donald’ now has enough delegates to his name in order to officially be crowned the Republican nominee, rather than the ‘presumptive’ nominee. What does this mean? My initial thoughts on Trump, mainly due to the rather bias and negative media coverage he receives in Britian, was that such a man should never be allowed to become President of the United States of America. However, as the nomination process unfolded I began to analyse and perceive qualities in ‘the Donald’ which could prove to be useful for a future American President (this is not saying I agree he should be). In my opinion, after watching numerous rallies of his and especially after his success in securing his parties nomination, I believe whatever the outcome of the 2016 American general election Donald Trump has cemented his name in history for becoming the greatest saleman of all time. Throughout his life, Donald has had the goal of making the ‘Trump’ name mirror success. He is a branding King and has proven this by making his name known amongst most American people to literally mean ‘being rich’. Even his business failures, such as the failed casinos or the American football team or perhaps even the Plaza hotel have all had a limited negative impact on the perception of the ‘Trump’ brand. ‘Trump’ is the equivalent, to many American people, as someone who has all materialist wants. This is also due to the helicopters and other flashy toys he enjoys to flaunt, and of course his involvement in the Celebrity Apprentice. The manner in which he was able to bounce back from such failures is also a quality which is rather admirable. There may be many pieces of legislation a President proposes to Congress which they choose not to implement; however, this cannot be taken as a complete failure but as a lesson. Furthermore, his ability to rally up his troops and public support at his speeches is quite impressive as well as his endless self promotion and the ability to make anything he says sound like a good idea. However, all this said, the way in which Donald Trump has gained so much support with his speeches having so little substance, and the rare substance they do have is often extremely offensive, is extraordinary. He is a master salesman, or perhaps more accurately, a master manipulator. Although these extreme policies are only words now, if put in place they are potentially dangerous to the American people as well as to the world as a whole. He has proven that he is unpredictable. His spats with Ted Cruz proved that he simply doesn’t have the correct temperament to become President. The attacks to Ted Cruz’s wife and now Bill Clinton proved that he has no boundaries, no class, and no manners. The instance in which he stated that he received an invitation to 10 Downing Street when he simply didn’t proved that he is a liar. His policies are too radical, not thought through, unclear and simply dangerous. He could wake up one morning and start a world war. Although this may seem extreme it is a possibility with Trump, anything is a possibility with Trump. People may love Trump because he says things how they are and because he is so politically incorrect; however, these qualities also make him a threat, both to America and to the world. Although I began this piece stating that Trump has some admirable qualities, the majority of his character simply isn’t Presidential material, and he cannot be trusted to lead the American people.

At the end of day his success is the result of people wanting change. This can be seen in both the United States nomination process and the overwhelming support received for the Brexit campaign. The Establishment is failing, failing to make people’s lives better, failing to make an impact on people’s lives at all. Is Trump the change America needs? I would have to disagree. Although people wish they were better off, the most important issue which people care about is their safety. I do not believe Donald Trump is safe. Perhaps this danger attracts many voters; however, I believe the majority of voters will soon realise that the most important thing is the safety of their families. Donald Trump’s policies, such as ‘temporarily banning all Muslims’ may ignite a war with Isis. Again, perhaps this may be the outcome some people want; however, if history has taught us anything it is that war should be avoided at all costs. Concerning Isis, I believe the west should have never got involved in the Middle East, especially not trying to re-shape their whole political system. The Middle East simply have a different culture, one which the west should not attempt to change. Furthermore, as seen in New Mexico over the past couple of days, with Trump as President, riots are almost inevitable. If Trump has proven anything in this process it is that he has no boundaries and will not back down no matter how many people tell him his policies are too extreme, or how much trouble and harm they may cause. If he believes such ideas to be correct, he certainly possesses the ignorance and naivety to ignore the warnings from numerous advisors and follow through on certain issues regardless of their potentially dangerous outcomes. Perhaps the speed in which Trump has unified the Republican Party proves that he can be an establishment politician as well being ‘normal Trump’; however, the chance of the classic, irrational, unpredictable and quite frankly dangerous Trump coming into office is too much of a risk.

In terms of the Democratic nomination fight, I believe Bernie Saunders is simply staying in the race in the hope that Clinton will be forced to step down due to this ongoing e-mail scandal, which after the recent report is becoming a big problem for the Clinton campaign. She is already perceived by many people to be dishonest and corrupt, these opinions being held especially strongly by younger voters. However, she is the only establishment politician in the race, and with Hilary as President the same dangers as Trump are not to be expected if he was to become President; however, this may mean four more years of the same dissatisfaction American people have been feeling under President Obamas two terms in office.

In regards to recent statistics, the American people whom are saying they will vote for Hilary are only voting for her because they do not wish Trump to become President. And the majority of people who are saying they will vote for Trump are only voting for him because they don’t want to see Hilary become President. This is not how democracy is meant to work. As Bernie Saunder stated, the American people are being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, which is another reason he is staying in a nomination battle which, excluding a mathematical freak or the e-mail scandal causing Hilary to step down, he is unable to win. However, I believe if Hilary manages to shake off this heat from the e-mail scandal and the general election is between herself and Donald Trump, this is proof that the American political system itself needs change, as well as the nature of its politicians. A failed democracy is not democracy at all. Whatever the outcome one thing is clear… change is needed.


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